1. J had his doubts about D.
2. My wife had her doubts about me.

3. When I got to D's kindergarten, he was running around on the field with the rest of the kindergartners.
4. When I got there, Jun was practicing Ssangjeolgon with the rest of the trainees.

5. There was an announcement on the loudspeaker from an apartment security guard  that we had to choose colors to be painted on the apartment walls.
6. In my apartment there is always an announcemet on the loudspeaker around 7 pm.

7.  He looked pretty shaken up as he stepped out of the cab.
8. When I told her the accident, she looked pretty shaken up.

9.  Once in a while I walk my son Dohyun home from kindergarten.
10. Then next moring I have to walk Jun to his school.

11.  I was really mad about it, so I yelled at my boys for five minutes.
12. At that time he was really mad about it, but soon he calmed down.

13.  I told you to walk on the sidewalk million times.
14. I saw there were some flowers on the sidewalk.