13. As Jun drank from his canteen, he took a rest.
After stopping riding his bicycle, he drank from his canteen.

14. The air was  as cool as ices in a refrigerator.
His trunk was as big as a boat on a sea.

15. Jun made an execuse for hitting his brother Dohyun.
He made an execuse for being abscent from school.

16. It was too noisy out there to take a nap after a graveyard shift.
It was too crowded there to look around.

17. Dohyun finished his last drop of water from his canteen.
Jun finished the last problem of his math homework in a second.

18. At the time of day, I always feel hungry.
He comes from his Hapkido academy at the time of day.

19. It didn't take long for Jun to finish his homework.
It took two days for jun to learn how to ride a bicycle.

20. When I and Dohyun stepped out of our place, the bus had arrived.
I stepped out of my room and went to the bathroom.