please check below sentences.

  • Assembly order of the gear box is  in reverse order of  disassembly

  • A user can install the gear box in 4 different directions when assembling the gear box as below pictures. Therefore, please pay attention to the direction of installation

  • Keeping the valve opened frequently is recommended to prevent from an accumulation of foreign substance that causes malfunction

  • Opening and closing the valve regularly is necessary in order to operate itself well.

  • The valve needs to be operated and checked on a regular basis, i.e. visual, hearing, hand senses, etc.

  • As long as a valve is operated well, it needs to be checked on every six months.

  • Opening and closing operation of the lock lever type and worm gear type must be done by hand. Do not use a pipe on the gear handle. Doing so can damage the handle, or break the valve