Hi Tessa,

How have you been doing?

I'm sending you an email for my assignment #3.

To be honest with you, it's the letter I wrote yesterday to complain to one of my agents about the poor quality of service.

It would be great if you would tell me how to develop my writing skills and make it more formal and concise.

See you!


Changmin Shin


Dear Rebekah,

How are you?


As you know we had an interview with Mr. Jason this morning.


I am afraid of saying that this interview was very disappointing. He came into the interview unprepared.

We sent him a questionnaire yesterday to bring it into the interview.

But I don’t think he did even read it beforehand.

So, he could not answer our questions that were requiring the specific numbers during the interview.


Moreover, when we asked him a question, he sometimes talked about the unrelated things.

I asked him what the current global strategy of each company is. But he talked about the past history of the companies.

And then, suddenly, he started to bring up his personal experience of vising South Korea 10 years ago.

For our project, this interview was the most expensive one. But we did not get any benefit from this interview. We all were very disappointed.

Because of the reasons I wrote as above, my boss want to refuse the charge for this interview. 

I'll try to convince my boss about the charge, but it seems so hard. 

I sincerely hope that his would not happen again through the your company in the future.



Changmin Shin