Dear Tessa,

I'm sorry for late submission.

Thank you for your help in advance. 


Dear Mr. Lee

My name is Changmin Shin, working for the ABC company. We met at the seminar last Wednesday in Seoul,

After having received your address from your secretary, I am writing to make an appointment for a meeting. 

As I introduced before, ABC company sells glass fiber and various type of reinforcements, and we ranked #1 in the Asian market last year. We sells a range of fiber products in order to meet clients' different needs, which can enable you to develop more complicated electronic devices and raise the level of production performance.

I would like to get a chance to explain our products to you and discuss our future alliance. 

Your secretary told me that you could be available at 2 pm next Thursday and 4 pm next Friday. 

It also works for us, so I would like to have a meeting on Thursday in the headquarter of Samsung. 

Please let us know what time will be best for you. 

I look forward to a successful working relationship in the future. 

Truly yours,

Changmin Shin