I am not sure this board is a right place where I should submit a homework  :)

this passage is about introducing myself. Have a good day and see you tomorrow!

Thanks you for giving me a chance to talk about myself. My name is Ross. I graduated from Seoul National University majoring agriculture life science and business adminstration. In fact, My GPA is slightly above an average level. That doesn't mean that I neglected the course of the university totally. Because my goal during a undergraduate was to take various experience, Falling in love with beautiful women who is with me now, Joining a play group, sports team, volunteer programs and becoming a military officer really attracted my attentions.

Let me tell the stories in detail. Born with introverted personality, I could not make a friend effortlessly. After engaging in diverse activity, I develop social skills, became extroverted, most of all, I found what I want to do and what kind of person I want to be. So I could be gaol-oriented and industrious person. While I joined a army as a officer, I learned three important things as well : responsibility, leadership and patience. I was charge with a ranger company which consists of about 20 soldiers. That position was often frustrating and not easy. However undergoing the period. I could trained myself to be a person with responsibility, leadership and patience.